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Happy New Year 2023
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How 2022 went for Sunday Games

The time has come to sum up 2022 for Sunday Games and our main project — Supernova Shards. There are a lot of things to remember because this year was very important for us.

At the end of January, we shared the first details about our game with the public, here’s the post. Our proper first public steps. Seems unbelievable, but it happened this year!

2022 began with a lot of developments we created in the previous 18 months: concept documents, arts, videos and, most importantly, a prototype. All this time we have been creating the project by spending our own funds and those small investments that we received at the beginning of 2021 from our angels. For further work, we needed significant funds, which became our main task at the beginning of 2022.

We could start fundraising earlier in the fall of 2021 when the web3 games topic was on the hype, but we wanted to finish the prototype to prove to our future backers that we really know how to make games and to show how we see our future project. This choice has its pros and cons. On the positive side, we were really able to attract a lot of people who liked our bold project. And we were able to stand out from the background of other projects that, to put it mildly, paid more attention to marketing than to production (they were just a scam to be short). And as a negative, at the end of March, many funds began to abandon previous agreements, referring to the beginning of a market recession. In the end, everything worked out, more than 3500 backers believed in us and Life Corp was able to raise enough funds to confidently begin full-scale development of Supernova Shards. Thanks again for your support!

Successful fundraising allowed us to launch development at full speed. Those team members who used to work part-time were now able to work full-time. During the year, we hired 8 more employees, 5 of which successfully went through a probationary period. As a result, our team has strengthened enough and is ready to solve any task. In the new year, we plan to hire 5-10 more people.

Throughout the year, the team has been working on the game core, this has always been our priority. The main challenge was to rebuild the entire architecture of our prototype so that it became a sustainable tech basis for building the huge world of Supernova Shards. Unfortunately, this super-task required us much more time than we expected. The plan was to finish it in the summer and in the fall to focus on visible features and content. These tech challenges frustrated our plans, and we were able to complete this only in November. Therefore, we were not able to present you with our first public demo by the end of the year as we promised earlier. We are sorry.

The constant technical challenges and rework associated with their solution did not allow us to release two more promised features – the starship designer and the auction of starship blueprints. These features were implemented, but due to our approach, which prioritized core development, we had to refine them over and over again. As a result, despite their high readiness, the release of these updates was postponed until the new year.

I will end the list of our misses with the biggest fail of the year — our server was hacked in October which led to a huge LFC token price drop. The token has already grown since then by x6 and we believe that it will continue to grow as the main factor here is the project development, which is what we are doing right now and will continue in the new year.

The main thing I would like to emphasize is that the listed mistakes are not critical for the project and do not jeopardize its success. We have learned the lessons and will not allow these mistakes to be repeated in the future.

Let’s also rejoice in our successes this year!

The staking of LFC was enabled along with the new currency — LFS. LFS is a governance token for the Life Corp, which will give its owner voting rights and a portion of the corporation’s income. This is a unique reward for our early backers — so don’t miss out if you haven’t staked yet!

We created the Dove blueprint for the charity auction we launched in July. All proceeds from the auction were donated to support Ukraine. The total donations were not a huge number, but for us, it is rather a symbolic step to show our support in practice.

This year, we made a lot of new art. Check out this one about fighting bugs:

The Hive

Thanks to your fantastic feedback, we’ve brought back the mini-game with some updates. Now everyone can play it and earn LFC every week!

Just a few weeks ago, gave our game a real title — Supernova Shards. It also meant a new logo and a new domain name!

The latest update is our new vision-gameplay trailer. This video is actually quite close to how the game will look, unlike some other game cinematics out there.

Well, all of this above sums up this year for us and our game. It’s time to get ready for 2023!

Finally, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the Sunday Games team. For many, the outgoing 2022 has been an extremely difficult year. Unfortunately, we have little opportunity to influence external circumstances. But we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. I hope the new year brings good luck to all who deserve it. And I wish you the opportunity and desire to act proactively in relation to changing external factors. If your work has ceased to bring pleasure or income — start to learn something new. If your home is no longer safe — find a new place. If your beliefs no longer correspond to the surrounding reality — think about it, maybe it’s time to change them. Don’t be afraid of change! Don’t be afraid of new things! Blessings to you and your loved ones!

Serge Kopov, CEO of Sunday Games