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Time to Come Out Into the Light

After almost 2 years in development we are ready to released more details about Supernova, a sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG with an open economy and play to earn features. Along with sharing the first walkthrough video outlining the current state of the project we are also announcing the start of the private token sale and equity round.

Supernova has been in development since April 2020 and only now we are ready to show the world our vision and give a glimpse into the development process. Currently we are in the stage of raising funds to further scale our team

Sergey Kopov, Founder & CEO

With our teams experience in mainstream game development and having been involved with blockchain gaming since the first projects appeared in 2017, Supernova is on track to become one of the most anticipated games for blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers from traditional gaming. By combining the teams experience from both worlds we aim to make the game accessible to everyone.

We welcome all players to an open world sandbox gameplay set in distant space thousands of years in the future where you can mine resources on distant planets, refine them, sell on the open market to scientists that will use the materials to produce equipment, weapons, starships, space stations, planetary bases and much more. Combat is one of the main pillars of gameplay, protecting your assets from pirates by hiring mercenaries and transport ships is going to be a daily occurrence in Supernova. One of the main features is the open world economy where most of the craftable items in the game will work through a blueprint crafting system in the form of NFT’s. Emphasys is also made on the controls of the game, where many tasks are automated, including character and spaceship navigation, general tasks involving interaction with the world, automation of routine tasks allows players to focus on more strategic gameplay elements and to make the game accessible to general audience.

Through Supernova, Sunday Games demonstrates an excellent product concept, strong technical implementation capabilities, and vibrant team spirit. Personally, I think that Supernova is a cool and differentiated blockchain game that stands apart from other games in the market. I look forward to its launch and hope to become one of its earliest players!

Loki Zeng, Huobi Ventures

Spark sees a great potentiality of the founding team, and is impressed by the whole design and progress so far

May Liu, Spark Digital Capital

Players are welcomed to sign up for updates in preparation for the open token sale that is planned for March 2022. Allowing to participate by acquiring limited allocations of ingame currency $LFC, after which there will be a possibility to exchange it for unique blueprints in the form of NFT’s that will later be used to produce equipment or leased to other players for profit, more news about the open token sale and it’s utility should follow after the closed token sale round has been completed.

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