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Supernova Charity Auction

Today we start our first-ever auction for the Supernova, and it’s a special one. We auction out ten blueprints of our light transporter spaceship called Dove. The auction will run from 13 to 31 July, after this period, all proceeds from the sold blueprints will be transferred to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the world’s largest humanitarian network, which is now heading a humanitarian mission.

War is the most terrible thing that mankind is capable of. It never changes, and you can never be prepared for that. Our hearts and thoughts are with all who have suffered from the tragic events taking place in Ukraine.

Please note that in no case will we make money on these sales. Blueprint Sales are not a way of raising money, but only a utility for our in-game currency. We make exceptions only for this charity auction. In the future, all blueprints will be sold only for LFC.

Number of the blueprints: 10
Price: from 5000 for first to 15000 USDC for last

What blueprint is?

They serve as intellectual property in the Supernova. If you have the blueprint, components, and everything you need to manufacture, you can craft this unique spaceship in the game. The blueprint can be licensed to other players for a fee, making it a good source of income as it allows the owner to earn on each copy produced. If you want, you can sell this blueprint to another player at any time, but do not forget that this is a relatively rare item, since each blueprint can only have ten copies.

Portal update

Starting today, you’ll see a new button on our portal that allows you to view the blueprints you own! Your Dove will be waiting for you there if you’ll decide to make the purchase.

Spaceship info

Name: Dove, like a symbol of peace
Colors: white top, blue bottom
Class: Transporter
Size: Light
Weapon sockets: 2
Engine sockets: 4
Shunting engine sockets: 4

PLEASE NOTE, that the appearance and stats of this spaceship may change before the release. Our team will try our best to keep the common spirit and idea of the machine and make it even better in all aspects.

Stay tuned! More blueprint auctions and other game-related news are on their way.