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Pilot Challenge is Live

We remember how many people liked our mini-game that was available before TGE, and to be honest, we enjoyed playing it ourselves. And so we decided to return it!

Meet the new version of the Supernova’ mini-game – Pilot Challenge – in which Life Corp will give away $1000 in LFC every week. And by the way, staking your LFC is even more important now – the game is available to those who have staked more than 250 LFC. Each 250 LFC staked will give you an additional attempt per week. For example, 1000 staked LFC gives you four attempts.

What’s the task?

Start your starship, collect resources, and don’t forget to shoot down asteroids and enemy ships – they can drop resources too! We need all the resources we can get to build space stations in the world of Supernova.

Remember that only the best attempt this week will count in the leaderboard.

What are the prizes?

We are raffling off up to $1000 in LFC every week. Weekly, up to the Top-5 players who have gathered the most resources will receive the following rewards:

  • 1st place will get $60-300 in LFC
  • 2nd place will get $45-225 in LFC
  • 3rd place will get $30-150 in LFC
  • 4th place will get $0-100 in LFC
  • 5th place will get $0-75 in LFC
  • Also, a few more random lucky players will receive up to $15 in LFC each

The number of award places, random winners and final LFC rewards depends on the Special Multiplier (SM).

SM grows with the sum of the best attempts from all players and resets weekly. You’ll see the required amount of resources for SM growth on the game’s page. Here are some examples:

  • When SM reaches its maximum value of five, we’ll have five award places and 10 random winners with the highest LFC rewards.
  • With the SM value of one, we’ll have three award places and 5 random winners with the lowest LFC rewards.

What can I solely do to grow the SM?

Invite your friends and encourage them to complete the Pilot Challenge! If every player does as much as they can, you will constantly have SM value of five, which is a win-win for all of you. Isn’t that awesome?!

What’s the deadline for the event?

As for now, we don’t have any date* that will be the end for Pilot Challenge. Play as long as you want to! But please note that this information and all the rewards values are subject to change. If we’ll change something, we’ll inform you in our social media.

Thanks to Life Corp for the prizes provided!

* Updated: The Challenge was completed on April 23, 2023