In pre-production / Fundraising
Supernova is a sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG featuring an open economy, casual and actionless gameplay
  • Hardcore MMO mechanics are simplified to become more accessible to a wider audience
  • Grind is minimized to give more space for social adventures in an open world
  • New monetization model based on tax collection (also known as  “Play to Earn”, “GameFi”)
  1. Mobile (iOS / Android)
  2. Browser (WebGL)
  3. Desktop (Windows / Mac)
Men over 25 who don’t like action. They prefer strategy, design, world exploration and responsible social interactions

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Indie Cup 2021

We took part in the Indie Cup 2021. For the first time, we have presented an early demo version of...

WN Conf Saint-Petersburg 2021

Had a great time and showcased the Supernova at WN Conf Saint-Petersburg 2021 which became the first offline event in...

Keep Calm, Do Games Festival

We decided to participate in Keep Calm, Do Games festival. During this event, we will make a demo version of...