Sunday Games is a game development studio founded in 2014. We are located in Limassol, Cyprus. READY SET CAT is our first game. It is the casual game about cats for mobile platforms. Then we released Деффчонки vs Котики – joint project with TNT, one of the most popular Russian TV channels. After that we developed Super Kikoriki, one more joint project with Kikoriki, the most popular child brand in Russia. Now our team is working on new ambitious project called Supernova Shards. Our experienced team can professionally develop a game from the scratch – starting from an idea and game design, providing professional graphics and as the result delivering the ready product to any platform. Although we are mainly targeted to mobile markets we are flexible and always open to consider new opportunities. So if you are interested in cooperation – contact us!


Supernova Shards is a sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG featuring an open economy, casual and actionless gameplay. Some people have called it “Star Citizen on minimum specs” and “EVE for normal people” for a reason. Supernova will offer role-playing, strategic and social gameplay in a simplified shell to appeal to a wider audience. The icing on the cake will be an open economy that will allow players to earn real money. The game will be multiplatform with priority for mobile and web versions



READY SET CAT is a casual match-three game. Pretty nice graphics and lovely setting around the cats and their love to the boxes make this game remarkable among the others

Super Kikoriki

Favorite Kikoriki characters in a simple, yet extremely addictive and colorful game from a popular animated cartoon series

Learn English with Rhymes

Would you like to learn English with your baby? Begin with Nursery Rhymes! They are simple, rhythmic, funny and easy to learn

Glory Awaits

Glory Awaits is a strategy game in the 4X genre. The task of a player is to develop a civilization from an ancient settlement to a prosperous state of the present






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