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New Game Title

Many of you most likely guessed that “Supernova” is the working title of our project. It couldn’t be used in the final version because it wasn’t unique enough. We’ve been putting off choosing the final name of our project for a long time, because our priority was to fulfill more significant tasks – we always put the product above its wrapper. But the right time has come and we have already decided on the final option – Supernova Shards! The appearance of the final name also implies the creation of an appropriate logo, which you can see in the preview.

After reading, you may have a reasonable question – why Supernova Shards? And we have an answer. The title directly refers to the game’s lore. Shards found in the places of exploding stars will play an essential role in the mythology and economy of our world, but more on that another time.

Stay tuned!