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LFS Gov Token Details

Most likely you have already heard about LFS. Many of you even own some of these tokens. So what is it? Let’s discuss in more detail.

The World Owned by Corporations

In a future where divisions based on birthplace, race, or religion have become obsolete, the concept of states has given way to corporate governance. These corporations, akin to private companies in today’s world, exert their influence over known star systems and pioneer new frontiers in space exploration.

Within these corporations, members hold governance tokens, granting them the power to partake in critical decisions, elect management, and share in the corporation’s revenues.

The primary focus of these entities is the acquisition and control of star systems. They ensure security against both internal and external threats, fostering an environment where efficiency enhances the appeal of their territories. This, in turn, attracts more residents, increasing the population and wealth of the area. As a result, the corporation benefits from a higher tax collection, bolstering its economic strength and influence.

The Life Corporation

LFS, the governance token of the Life corporation, holds a pivotal role in the game’s universe. This corporation, a dominant force at the game’s release, wields considerable power across dozens of star systems. It’s engaged in diverse activities: resource extraction, manufacturing, and sales of various goods. Additionally, Life Corp boasts an extensive network of scientific laboratories. These hubs of innovation have secured multiple blueprints of the galaxy’s most advanced technologies, including starships. A unique feather in its cap is the exclusive patent for Reborn technology, a lucrative venture that resurrects the deceased inhabitants of its territories, ensuring a steady revenue stream.

As of now, the development team retains the majority ownership of LFS tokens. But we’re eager to share these to you, our valued supporters. As you’re aware, we already reward LFS through LFC staking. And we will be adding new ways to receive LFS in the future.

Regarding the token’s listing and liquidity, we have plans to list LFS in 2024. While the exact timeline remains under wraps, we encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Interested in acquiring LFS now? We’re open to offers. Potential buyers can reach out to us for transactions starting from 10,000 USDT.

As for profit-sharing, LFS token holders are in line to receive a portion of the corporation’s earnings. This distribution is scheduled to commence at the beginning of each quarter starting in 2024, with the first payout expected by January 10th. Currently, the corporation’s total income from starship blueprint sales stands at an impressive 1,092,500 LFC. The calculation of the proportion will take into account LFS ownership data as of December 31, UTC. Therefore, do not forget to claim rewards from your LFC stakes before this date.