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LFC staking is now available!

Greetings everyone, a staking feature is finally available on our portal. Stake LFC for valuable rewards!

You can stake your $LFC (LFC on BSC network) which are shown in the left window in your profile. The staking will give you rewards every 42 days. Please, keep in mind that your tokens will be locked up throughout this period.

Finally, the tasty stuff. If you’ll stake 1000 LFC for 42 days, you’ll get 0.015 LFS.

Locked tokens will be stored on this account: 0x2c3fd1732b6a8576fb4b7437961608d8b2341ad2

LFS Max Supply = 100,000
Initial price on DEX = $1000

Note: these numbers are not final and may change in the future.

A quick reminder on what LFS is. LFS is our governance token that will give its owner the voting right in the main corporation of the game. They will also provide you with some nice passive income. And yes, you will be able to sell them as a cryptocurrency if you’ll ever want to.

We have a lot more interesting news and announcements ahead of us!