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Listen all, staking announcement!

So, we’ve mentioned staking before but never gave you any details. Well, today we’re ready to tell you that staking will be available on April 12!

We know that many of you already know what that is, but we’ll explain it anyway, just in case. We are sure that our token holders believe in the success of Supernova and plan on keeping their tokens for as long as possible. In our mind, this is the only correct strategy and we’ll reward those who follow it. The more tokens you hold for a longer period of time, the more rewards you will get.

Staking $LFCs will reward you with $LFS – Life Shares, the governance token of the Life Corporation. It will allow you to have the right to vote in the main corporation of the game and will give you a nice personal passive income from the corporation’s earnings 🙂 And you’ll be able to sell them if you want to, they will be very pricy due to their rareness.

More details will be revealed on April 12, stay tuned, champions!