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NPC contest

It’s not a secret that no matter how much the MMORPG is player-driven, you still need non-playable characters (NPC) in it. Our game is no exception, and we’ve decided to let you, our players, create your own NPC for the Supernova world.

Your task

Create your own NPC for Supernova. It can be an intergalactic assassin, captain of the space station guard, or a simple miner, it’s all up to you! But remember the main thing – stay adequate. We won’t be able to add a space pirate baron with his own part of the galaxy and 1000 ships fleet. So, what are we expecting from you:

  1. Character’s name
  2. His/her appearance description or art (art won’t affect the score for the contestant)
  3. His/her lore, story description. The past, the present, where your character is, and what’s his/her role in this world

All of that should be sent to the e-mail with the “Supernova NPC Contest” theme. You can send multiple NPCs if you want to.

The most interesting and fitting into the Supernova’s world character will win this contest, we’ll judge your application with the rest of the dev team. We strongly suggest you freshen up your memory of all the info about the game on our website, so your description will be on point!


Since creating a well-detailed NPC may take a lot of time, we’re giving you three weeks for this contest. The deadline is the 8th of December, 2022.


We’ll have three winners. The NPC in the 1st place will be added to the game but most likely will have changes to it. We’ll discuss it with the winner personally. NPCs in the 2nd and 3rd places also have a chance to make it to the game if they’ll be really cool! Also, the winners will get:

$300 in LFC (LFC price according to the moment when we’ll announce the winner) for the 1st place, $150 in LFC for the 2nd and $50 for the 3rd.

Alcyoneus title in our Discord server.

Let the contest begin!

Remember – all the competitors have equal chances of winning the contest at the start of it. The rest depends solely on you. Good luck to all of you!

If you any questions – feel free to join our Discord server and asking them there!