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NFT medals for our pre-sales supporters and more!

Today is the first small birthday for our LFC token – one month live on the open market! To celebrate this, all those who have supported us before TGE and still have at least 100 LFC on their hands today (even if it’s staked) should already receive their awesome NFT “Early Support Medal”, look at this beauty!

You will be able to wear this medal in-game or place it in your spaceship somewhere. It will also allow you to use Reborn technology for free for the whole year in Supernova!

Big thanks to all of you for your amazing support!

A little extra: an example of how you can wear your Early Support Medal in-game!

Now, let’s talk some details about all this. We’ve created a new contract called Supernova Rewards. It will store this medal and all the future rewards. These rewards may be something different as well, not only medals. This smart contract uses the ERC-1155 standard and works in Polygon Network. This is our first step on the path to becoming a multi-blockchain project.

If you’ll want to sell your unique NFT for some reason, you’ll be able to do it on any marketplace that supports Polygon. We recommend OpenSea on that matter – they’re friends who worked with us for many years already. We also plan to make your Supernova NFTs visible on our portal in your profile and to add the trading feature for your NFTs on the game portal.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to our social media to never miss any news or announcements about the Supernova!