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“Meet the team” – Stas, Unity-Developer

Today we are launching a new series of posts – “Meet the Team“!

We will introduce people that make the game to you in the format of a short interview, with the questions collected from our players. Join our Discord and Telegram to ask some questions for the next interview!

We decided to start with Stas – one of our Unity developers. To begin with, he will tell a little about himself, after which we will move on to questions from our subscribers.

I have been working as a Unity Developer at “Sunday Games” since July 2021.
I am a musician by education. Since 2014, I have been working as a programmer. I started as a Front-end developer, but quickly got bored. In 2018 I retrained as a Unity developer, as I dreamed of making games since childhood.
In my free time, I continue to make music, and at the same time, I study C++ and Unreal Engine. I’m also working on improving my English.

Let’s move on to a question from our subscribers and start with something simple. Do you play games? If so, which ones? (genres, specific examples, etc.)

I play games, but not so often lately. I prefer multiplayer shooters related to eSports (CS:GO, Survarium, Point Blank, Rainbow Six Siege). I also occasionally play fighting games, even less often racing and platformers.
One of my favorite game series is “Titanfall”. Very dynamic and beautiful game with many mechanics.
I rarely play single-player games, because I don’t have the patience to watch cutscenes and so on. I need constant action.

What games do you consider 1) a role model and 2) an unattainable ideal?

The first question is very difficult to answer. The above-mentioned “Rainbow Six Siege” and “Titanfall” may be on this list, but they all have their pros and cons.
As for the unattainable ideal – for me, this is “Alan Wake”, one of the few single-player games that I mastered to complete. There are some cons in terms of technical execution, but creating such an exciting story and such a beautiful game world is worth a lot. Not every studio can handle this.

What games do you think the audience is most looking forward to (except Supernova, of course)?

I don’t really follow new releases, but among my friends, the most anticipated games are “Stalker 2” and “Atomic Heart”. I’m looking forward to “Alan Wake 2”.

Have you had any experience with a project as big as “Supernova”? Or is it the biggest thing you’ve ever experienced so far? Tell us, what projects have you been involved in before?

In terms of the scale of the game world, the number of mechanics, and ambition – Supernova is the largest project for now.
Previously, I worked on a city builder (“Airport city”) that was already about 10 years old by that time. It’s a completely different game and it has a lot of interaction between players. In terms of the amount of content, it could also be called a large-scale project, but for me it was rather boring.
Another fairly well-known game that I took part in the development of is “Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor”. I constantly meet people who play it.

Do you have any personal game projects?

Yes, I do. There are a lot of ideas, but there is not enough time to implement them. Now I’m working on a VR horror – I love virtual reality.
Periodically, I can work on another project – a multiplayer shooter. But almost nothing has been done there yet, although the design document was written three years ago.

What are you working on at “Supernova” right now?

I am currently working on the combat logic between the characters, this is a very extensive and dynamic task. A lot is changing, a lot has to be invented on the fly. In addition, we now have quite a few options for combat: close combat and ranged combat. The most difficult thing is to combine them and come up with an adequate reaction to differently armed opponents.

How is the mood in the team in general? Are you friends with your colleagues?

In general – excellent, everyone is motivated. We discuss the project, have a rest together, and of course, maintain friendly relations. 

And the last question for today. Are you interested in space topics? Do you believe in UFOs?

I am very interested in the search for new habitable planets. In general, I’m really curious about the space, but I rarely play games with a space theme or setting.
And about UFOs – I Want to Believe!

If you have any more questions for Stas – let us know. If there are enough of them, we will definitely do the second part of our interview with him. In the meantime, we will be preparing material for an interview with another member of our team and will let you know when we start collecting questions for it.

Stay tuned!