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First Drop of Spaceship Blueprints

The first drop of starship blueprints has become available for purchase for LFC. The following models are listed for sale by Life Corp: Dove, Compass, Scorpion, Bident, Behemoth, Indiana and Dragonfly.

Owning a blueprint is like owning a patent for an invention in the real world. Your intellectual property right will allow you, for example, to manufacture and sell starships yourself, or license your blueprint to other players who will pay you for the right to use it. There can only be 10 copies of each blueprint. At the start of the game, some of the blueprint types will be already discovered, and 3 copies of each will belong to Life Corp. The remaining 7 copies of discovered blueprints and others not yet revealed will be available for invention by players who are good at science.

As you can see, blueprints play a key role in the world of Supernova Shards. Having them before the start of the game is a big advantage only available to early LFC holders. Do not miss this chance! The sale of blueprints for LFC is not intended to generate profit for Life Corp, but serves as a reward for our early supporters, as promised when the corp launched the currency. The collected LFCs will not be exchanged on the open market, which will reduce their supply and likely have a positive effect on the exchange rate.

In addition, today we have opened the starship editor, which allows you to study hulls in detail, every floor and every square meter. You can experiment with the placement of rooms, furniture, tech modules, engines, and weapons. And soon you will be able to fly on these starships!

PLEASE NOTE that the current appearance of the hulls and their parameters are not final and may be changed during the development of the game.

Watch this video to find out more: