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Alpha 2 is Finally Here!

What’s new?

The main thing in Alpha 2 is the addition of a space station. You can find it in the list of targets (widget at the top-right), or on the star map. As you approach it, press the DOCK button to land on the station. Then you will see a description of a docking agreement (the Agreements system you already saw in Alpha 1). You need to sign the agreement with the station owner, gain access to the docks, and give the order to dock. After docking, you have 3 minutes to leave your spaceship. Then a tug will arrive and take your spaceship to the parking place. When you want to leave – just ask and your spaceship will be docked back. You might think “Why is it so complicated? I’m used to making one click in most space sims and that’s it”. We answer – because our game is fair. Supernova Shards is uncompromising in terms of scale. Remember how in your favorite movie the hero pulls up to a luxury hotel – he doesn’t leave the car at the entrance, he hands the keys to the valet and he takes the car to the parking lot and then returns it on demand. We have the same system and it is regulated by the Agreements. In future versions, we will give players the opportunity to work as a tug, signing an agreement with the station owner and getting paid for it.

In the new version, a spaceship owner can lock doors. Locked doors are marked in red. To enter the station, you need to open such a door and you have this right because of the docking agreement. Before leaving, don’t forget to close the entrance door on your spaceship so that no strangers enter.

In Alpha 2, there is the possibility to dock only with the station. In future updates, you will be able to dock with any spaceship that has given permission.

Explore the station, where you can visit restaurants and shops. For example, go to a clothing store, click the counter and see the goods available for purchase. Dress up! Purchases are also made through the Agreements. You make a transfer, the seller receives it and transfers the ownership rights to the item. If the item is in storage, the seller brings and places it in an accessible table for you. Then you can take it. And yes, you can just steal an item and nothing will happen to you. Not yet. Until an update where police will be added.

At the station, you can meet other players and talk using voice chat. Please be polite. The talk mode is activated automatically. In the settings, you can turn off voice chat if you are playing lone wolf.

And some more little features:

  • Sure that you have already noticed the new appearance of stars and planets? We are constantly improving the visual part of the game, so this is not the last improvement.
  • In the spaceship editing mode, you can assign a name to it. Also, you can now decorate the walls with signs.
  • The movement of the character and the camera has been improved. Transition between zones has become smoother. Although there is still work to be done.

Watch this video if you still have questions!

What’s next?

In the next alpha, we will add more life to space and the station. Non-player characters will no longer just boringly stand around; they will behave more naturally.

We plan to significantly revamp how spaceships fly – their movement will become much more smooth and adequate.

The way players log into the game will be changed. We will remove the need to use a blockchain account and will allow LFC to be purchased in a much simpler way.