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Our listing is up!

The last few days were absolutely crazy. We’ve had tons of public sales and all of them were completely sold out much faster than expected. Some launchpads have experienced less than an hour sold-outs, which surprised them as well.

We’ve been on our way to this moment for two years. Planning, developing, private sales, public sales, and now this – TGE and listing! But that’s not it, our road continues. We’re still working on our game and will continue to post our news and updates, so stay tuned!

Staking will soon be available on $LFCs. Remember, that $LFC is the only currency that will allow you to buy Supernova’s NFTs that will grant you passive income in the game. Also, only by staking LFCs you’ll be able to get the Governance token which will provide you with the right of vote in the corporation and additional passive income.

Remember when we’ve posted about a multiplied growth? Well, it begins NOW! Click this sweet button below 🙂